Thank you for your interest in purchasing one of my original artwork! However, before you can become the owner of a painting or drawing, I want you to fully understand how business transactions are conducted.


Please send me an e-mail with the artwork title you are interested in purchasing and the address you would like the artwork to be shipped to (your address will only be used for determining shipping costs).  Also include any questions you may have.  Don’t hesitate to ask for more information or photos of the art piece.  This is a big purchase and I want you to be happy with it.  I will respond to you within one (1) business day about the following:

artwork availability confirmation
shipping and delivery information
shipping costs
Answers to your questions/concerns


If you agree to purchase the artwork, I will send you another e-mail with an e-contract attachment that you will have to digitally sign and send back to me.  A printable contract is also available upon request.  However, this will make the purchase process slower since step 3 cannot be started until I receive your signed contract.  I will send you a 3rd e-mail that includes a copy of the contract signed by both parties.  Please keep this for your records.

FYI: Your contract will include shipping and delivery information.  If you require special delivery needs, please let me know before you sign the agreement. Shipping prices and estimated date of delivery may change.


Digitally sign E-Contract (Printable Contract available upon request)


The e-mail I send to you with your copy of the contract will also include instructions for your payment via PayPal.  The total cost will be for 100% of the artwork price + shipping costs. Once your payment is received, I will ship your artwork to you.


Contract e-mail will include instructions for payment via PayPal.
Payment for 100% of artwork price + shipping costs must be made before I (the artist) ship the artwork to you (the buyer).


Your artwork will be shipped via UPS 2-Day Air within 1-2 business days of receiving your signed contract. Your shipment will include a tracking number so that you can keep tabs on your art piece from the time it leaves my studio until it arrives on your doorstep.  It will also include shipping insurance and require an adult signature upon delivery.  I will ship your artwork per the agreement within the contract.  Contents of your shipment will include the artwork, a Certificate of Authenticity, and a pair of French cleat picture hangers.  Drawings are rolled and shipped in a tube while paintings under 48 inches long are packed and shipped in a cardboard packing box.  Paintings larger than 48 inches are shipped in a crate.


Your artwork will be shipped by UPS, 2-Day Air.
A tracking number will be e-mailed to you.
Add-on shipping services also included are:
–  Shipping Insurance.
–  Adult Signature Required for Delivery.
Your shipment will contain:
–  Original Artwork.
–  Certificate of Authenticity.
–  French Cleat Picture Hanger.
How Artwork is shipped
–  Drawings are rolled and shipped in a tube.
–  Paintings under 48 inches long are shipped in a cardboard packing box.
–  Paintings over 48 inches long are shipped in a crate.


You (the buyer) have seven (7) days from the time you receive your artwork from the courier to decide whether you are keeping the artwork.  Please look over your artwork carefully for any flaws or damages that may have incurred during transport. If there are any, send clear photos of the damages to me at orders@jasonkoizumi.com.  At this time, we can discuss the next steps into repairing or returning your artwork.  Save all original packaging in case artwork must be returned.


What to Do After Receiving Artwork:
–  Check artwork for damages
–  Decide if you are keeping artwork
–  Contact me within seven (7) days if artwork arrives damaged or you are returning it.

What to Do if Artwork Arrives Damaged:
–  Notify me within seven (7) days of artwork delivery at orders@jasonkoizumi.com.
–  Take photos of damages and send them to orders@jasonkoizumi.com .
–  Keep original packaging in case artwork must be returned.
–  I will contact you to discuss what to do next (repairs, returns, refunds)